Image South Africa : safari and wine tastings in one country

South Africa : safari and wine tastings in one country

South Africa, a country of incredible natural wealth, is known for the beauty and contrast of its different regions. Big and small will play the adventurers and marvel at the elephants, zebras, buffaloes, hippos or lions on a safari! The ocean lovers will take full eyes with the whales of Hermanus or the Great white sharks of Gaansbai.

South Africa is also huge golden beaches, roads between sea and mountains, vineyards as far as the eye can see. This huge country is full of surprises and offers you moments that you will not soon forget!

Why go on a safari in South Africa?

First, safaris in South Africa are possible in many parts of the country; the one through the Kruger is the best known. In South Africa, more and more lodges offer real treks on foot, by mountain bike or on horseback in the reserves.

Moreover, the most common way of doing a safari in South Africa is to do it in a vehicle with or without a ranger. Secondly, South Africa has a large number of private reserves, which offer a particularly exclusive experience and a very close proximity to animals that are not seen in other countries.

It should also be noted that South Africa is one of the only countries to offer high quality safari ideal for families with young children. Finally, several safari areas combine very well with seaside stays so top for self-touring honeymoons in South Africa.

The places to taste the best wines

The Western Cape, and especially the city of Cape Town, is full of fun, neat and inventive places. Here are our top 3 must-see sites for wine lovers in South Africa! ­

  • Wine at the Mill, a wine merchant in Cape Town: A wine merchant who exclusively sells South African wines from small producers. The perfect place to bring back bottles you will not find anywhere else! ­
  • Publik Wine, a wine bar in Cape Town In the heart of Cape Town, this industrial-style bar offers an original wine selection, far from standard products. It also offers very interesting blind tastings. ­
  • Wijnhuis, a wine bar in Stellenbosch: Under the oak paths of Stellenbosch, hides "the house of wine", a very pleasant place, where life is good. Comfortably settled in the small inner courtyard, in the restaurant with the warm atmosphere or in the felted wine bar, a wide choice of wines (more than 500 references) is offered to you.

To take a tour of the vineyards, the good plan is the tasting of 6 wines, at the unbeatable price of 50 ZAR (about 3 €). A well-presented and original idea that we would like to meet more often!

Discover it yourself

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