Image Gastronomy of South Africa

Gastronomy of South Africa

Gastronomy of South Africa

South Africa is officially the Republic of South Africa, or RSA. It is located in the southern part of Africa. Its capital city is Pretoria. The neighboring countries are Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Swaziland and Mozambique. It has a population of about 56 million.

The population is composed of diverse ethnic groups from Europe, Asia, and Africa. The people in South Africa have diverse origins. The white people are from Germany, England, France, Portugal, Greece, Italy. They had colonized the country almost two centuries ago. Their servants were from Indonesia and Asia.

They are known as the Cape Malay people. The black people are from Africa. They make up the Afrikaans people. This multiethnic country is rich in language and cultural diversity. Apart from that, it has a fascinating culinary art due to the different ethnic backgrounds.

Discover the Gastronomy in South

Africa South African gastronomy is characterized by its variety in taste. In fact, South African culinary art derives from different origins, namely British, Afrikaans, Dutch, Cape Malay, Java and Malaysia. Here are some of the most peculiar ones. 

  • Bobotie: This is a traditional dish. The main ingredients curried meat and fruit. Other ingredients include white bread, butter and spices. Whole milk and eggs are need for the topping in order to give the dish a creamy golden look.
  • Biltong: The main ingredient is meat and salt for seasoning. The dish is made of antelope meat. Slice the meat into thin long pieces, then season with salt. After that, is dry and preserve the meat. When it is dried, fry in little vegetable oil, or serve it uncooked with rice or potatoes. 
  • Sosaties: The main ingredients are meat and apricots. For this dish you need diced lamb or mutton. Marinate the meat and apricots in spicy sauce, onions and tamarind overnight. Mix all the ingredients carefully. Put the meat and apricots in skewers. You can skew green peppers, small onions, and mushroom slices between the meat and apricots. Grill over open fire. Serve with vegetable salad. 
  • Umngqusho: This is a typical Nguni dish. For this you need beans or black-eyed peas, samp, and for seasoning, you need salt, curry powder, vegetable stock, onions, and garlic. Soak the samp and beans together overnight. Drain, and add much water. Cook until they get soft. Remove some of the water if it is too much when the beans are cooked. Sauté the onions in butter or vegetable oil with garlic and the other spices. Add the cooked spices to the beans and samp, and simmer with butter for a few more minutes. Serve with rice.

Plan your trip to South Africa

The gastronomy of South Africa is characterized by peculiar taste and different origins. You may have already eaten South African food from recipes that you saw online or in your book. If you want to really enjoy the fine taste of South African food, it is better to go to South Africa and eat its well-known restaurants.

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